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Crimea peninsula is unique in all spheres of life and nature. Everything here is unforgettable and awesome: nature, Criema climate, mountains, landscape, animals, history and many other aspects.

Variety of its nature possibilities was one of the main factors for extreme Crimea tourism development. Crimea beach is an endless source of energy for active rest lovers. They are hikers, climbers, divers , speleologists , paragliders , windsurfers , kiters , cyclists and others.

Nowadays active tourism is more popular than simple Crimea beach resorts.
For active rest Crimea peninsula tourism offers really great number of opportunities: diving, hiking on picturesque routes, mountain climbing, hang gliding, horse riding. Winter Crimea holidays can offer all tourists splendid ski-slopes both for beginners and professionals.
One of the most popular types of active rest in Crimea region is diving. Multiple diving schools are almost in all big Crimean cities. The best diving places traditionally are considered to be surroundings of Balaklava, Kara-Dag, Sudak, Yalta, Sevastopol. Here divers from all over the world can find very interesting places, views and history remnants to see. In waters of Black and Azov sea they can find parts of a sunk ships, mall anchors, ancient dishes fragments, guns and coins. Underwater world is famous for an abundance of caves, loose stones, the variety of marine flora and fauna.
The study of Crimea coast will be the most unforgettable event during your trip.
Air element of the Crimean extreme tourism is straightly connected with some unique territories of Black sea region.

Koktebel is famous for being founder of Soviet aeronautics. Here exactly winds blow in specific manner which is the best and the most suitable for the fans of paraplanerism, hang gliding and parachuting. This is mountain Uzun-Syirt or Klementyev’s mountain.
Paraplanerism is romantics on the edge of adventures. You may fly in Crimean Mountains once and will dream about them again and again: Ai-Petri, Tash- Djargan, Balaklava bay and many other unforgettably picturesque places.
. When traveling to Crimea you are looking for more adrenaline then you have to try powered paragliding and powered parachute, rope-jumping which is practiced on the most of Crimea peninsula rocks.
Crimean peninsular land extreme activities are horse riding along its expanses, races on quad bikes and buggies, biking tours in its mountains and forests.
In the mountain regions of Crimea today tourists enjoy mountaineering and caving. But there are also awesome routes for biking-tours on special mountain-bikes. Crimean mountains are suitable for caving both sportive and amateur. Krim climbing walls are well-equipped and are known all over the world. The best ones are near Yalta, Sudak, Noviy svet, Simferopol, Foros. And due to warm Crimea climate all tourists can make climbing during the whole year.
Feel freedom in your actions. If you have been dreaming for a long period of time about making something extreme and to see Crimea peninsula beauties, feel its history, then we work specially for you!!

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