Speaking about Black sea countries including Crimea peninsula it’s necessary to mention our wine and its history. Nowadays winery tourism is one of the most attractive one among travel to Crimea. Can you imagine your rest without a glass of the most delicious wine or champagne? Crimea and wine go together in one line.

Over the centuries Crimean citizens had got great experience of cultivation, production of variety types of wine and used them as one of the finest and original food. High-quality wines with great amount of flavors and sensations, give a person the sense of the sublime, such as those which cause all works of art — creation of human genius hands.

Having visited Crimea region without tasting its wine and champagne is just impossible. The most well-known brand wine name is Massandra, Inkerman, Noviy Svet, Zolotaya balka.
All these winery-making plants produce the best champagne and wine in Crimea.

Vineyard at sunset



Crimea keeps endless opportunities for wine tourism especially nowadays: Rich tradition of wine culture, unique vineyards and wine tasting tours to the wineries of the Crimea are varied and exciting . This wine tour includes a visit to the famous wineries or private ones, which acquired a certain notoriety among connoisseurs of the wine business. The route of our wine tour is Massandra, Yalta, Alupka , Sevastopol, Inkerman, Bakhchisaray, Simferopol


In addition to vintage, in the Crimea a large number of ordinary wines are produced which are of interest for the wine tasting and consumption directly, that is on the place of production. Some ordinary (young) Crimean wines impress no less than their branded counterparts, and taking into account the lower prices are more preferred for use on vacation.

The Crimean peninsula with its soil and climatic conditions is unique area for the cultivation of grapes and production of all types of wines, including vintage, sparkling and cognacs.

The foundations of science and production of domestic viticulture and winemaking were made at the beginning of the XVIII century in Crimea.




In Crimea, there are about half the total area of vineyards in Russia. It’s like dining rooms and technical grades, used in the production of wine and brandy. Wine-making is traditional production of the Crimea, and the wine is one of the visit cards of the peninsula..

               So walk in the cellars and shops of winery production «Massandra» and «Inkerman,» and hear how thorny was the path of their existence and the fate of the founder of the wine of Prince Golitsyn, visit the oldest winery «Magarach», see for yourself the huge barrels of wine — all these our thematic tours and guided tasting include.

Tasting process itself is also an impressively beautiful action which meets all the traditions and guidelines for drinking wine. An important advantage is the fact that our wine tours are an opportunity not only to taste, but also to get their favorite varieties, and visit the plants, which give confidence in their authenticity.


zavod-shampanskix-vin-2 grot

Tour price is counted individually depending on tourists amount and its duration


Tour price includes:

  • hotel price (7 nights 3/4* Accommodation in Sevastopol, Simferopol, Balaklava, Bakhchisaray (breakfast included), Koktebel) twin shared room;
  • transfer from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport;
  • transportation according to the program of the tour;
  • entrance tickets costs in all museums according to the tour program;
  • guiding service carried out in English or French;
  • dinner and supper during the trip;
  • Wi-Fi connection in all hotels

The tour price DOESN’T INCLUDE:

  • flight tickets costs
  • Russian visa costs
  • souvenirs costs
  • personal expenses such as telephone, minibar, etc
  • Travel insurance (strongly recommended)

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