Crimea peninsula  never ceases to amaze with the beauty and elegance of architecture , landscaped parks and the blue of the sea and clean air .

Notable persons at all times sought to build their palaces in Crimea region worthy of the magnificence of nature.

Today, the palaces have become museums, and you can enjoy the harmony of decoration and variety of architectural solutions . Whether it’s an old khan’s palace or the palace- park complex — impressions will remain forever in your memory.

One of the main attractions of the South Coast of Crimea are palaces and parks belonging to Romanov dynasty , as well as well-known aristocratic families — . Vorontsov, Naryshkin, Dolgoruky , Shuvalov , Potocki , etc. Thanks to these people of Crimea has evolved into a fashionable seaside resort .

Suite of halls of Vorotsovskiy palace , paintings and elegant decor rooms , sculptures and walkways of the park surrounding the palace , a variety of plants from around the world gathered in the park of Livadia palace , an impressive collection of antiquities Khan palace Bakhchisaray , boldly ascends over the sea Swallow’s Nest — throughout Crimea scattered unique pearls palace architecture .

Nikolay Petrovich Krasnov who in 1887 was appointed chief architect of Yalta, played a great importance in the construction of architectural complexes. An important task for the development of the spa town was put on his shoulders. With his light hand appeared a lot of objects, but more attention should be given to the names of «Dulber», «Ai-Todor,» «Kharaks», «Koreizsky Palace» and «Cair.» Quite a reason Prince Yusupov entrusted the construction of residences is Krasnov, he was confident in his talent. principalities Romanov Office also commissioned a general reconstruction of all the palaces and the construction of a new estate on the territory of the king.

In Crimea, the architect Krasnov has built more than 60 buildings , which entered the history of the peninsula , and became famous sights . In October 1911 for the construction of the Livadia Palace where famous Yalta conference was organised Krasnov was awarded the Order of St . Vladimir 4 — th degree , and complained to the Supreme Court of Architects . In 1913, the architect was national advisor rank.

One more palace built by Krasnov plan was Dulber that in Koreiz . They raised it in Moorish style specifically for the Grand Duke Peter Nikolaevich Romanov . The palace is characterized with crisp white crenellated walls , windows in the form of arches , ornaments , mosaics and silver domes. Who are the elite year-round health resort . And all around , on seven acres — a relic park , founded half a century ago, under the strict supervision of the German gardener Charles Kebahom

Another incredibly beautiful structure on the peninsula is considered to be Vorontsov Palace . Count Vorontsov bought on the coast of the best plots of land . His estates were laid gardens , houses , vineyards , and in 1824 raised the question of the acquisition of Alupka . The famous gardener Carl Kebahom began for the creation of a magnificent park , in which saplings came from many countries.


One of the most famous landmarks in the southern coast of Crimea is the Upper Massandra, near the Church of the Beheading of John the Baptist. It is Massandra Palace of Alexander III which was built in the style of Louis XIII by the French architect Bouchard began in 1881, Prince SM Vorontsov — the heir to the Governor-General of New Russia MS Vorontsov. But a year later the prince died. After 7 years, Massandra estate Vorontsov, along with the «unfinished» bought for Alexander III. Completed. But the emperor, alas, also died, and not having to live in the new quarters. Since Massandra Palace was meant as for recreation , there is no apartments for receptions and ceremonial halls . Living rooms are tiny, so warmer , with low ceilings and cozy fireplaces Crimean marble-like limestone . The three-storey building crowned by a pyramidal roof .



In Soviet times, the palace was the government dacha , where the rest of the party and the leaders of the Soviet government . From 1 June 1992,it exists as a museum.

The magnificence of architecture, the historicity of the facilities , scenic and quite original landscape parks are the highlight of the Crimea , because not for nothing grand dukes and earls have chosen this area for the construction of their estates .

All these and many other palaces we will show you during your travel to Crimea beach.

During your 6 days travel to Crimea you’ll visit the most interesting and picturesque castles in Massandra, Yalta, Alupka, Livadiya, Simeiz, Koreiz, Bakhchisaray and others.

Tour price is counted individually depending on tourists amount and its duration

Tour price includes:

  • hotel price (6 nights 3/4* Accommodation near Yalta, in Simferopol, Miskhor, Alupka (breakfast included) twin shared room;
  • transfer from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport;
  • transportation according to the program of the tour;
  • entrance tickets costs in all museums according to the tour program;
  • guiding service carried out in English or French;
  • dinner and supper during the trip;
  • Wi-Fi connection in all hotels

The tour price DOESN’T INCLUDE:

  • flight tickets costs
  • Russian visa costs
  • souvenirs costs
  • personal expenses such as telephone, minibar, etc
  • Travel insurance (strongly recommended)

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