Crimea peninsula is a “pearl” which had been eager to be received for ages by different peoples and civilizations. Crimea region with its sightseeings was made and created, developed and conquered by Tauras, Kimerians, Greeks, Romans, Goths, Gunns, Tataro-mongolians.
Old and diverse history left in Black sea peninsula many mysterious places and unbelievable sightseeings which make possible for Crimea tourism to receive and amuse its tourists all-the –year round.
Amazingly rich history of Black sea region with its nature beauties makes travel to Crimea and holidays there to be very interesting and great as here you can see south careful steep cliffs and sloping northern slopes, fertile valleys and narrow canyons , sharp peaks and deep caves , mountain streams and waterfalls , royal palaces and aristocratic castles impregnable fortress and the whole mountain towns , picturesque parks and mountain trails , thousands of years of ancient monasteries and churches , bays and cozy coves. Diversity of sightseeings makes traveling to Crimea to be unforgettable and even the most curious tourist will want for sure to come back again to Black sea coast.

What do you need to travel to Crimea today?


– Russian tourist visa:

In order to apply for tourist visa you need to give an invitation to Russian embassy in your region. Our company will provide you with such kind of invitation. In your passport you will get Russian tourist visa with which you can travel the whole Russia without any exact notifications or stamps about being in this or that city or region.

Necessary documents for this invitation:

– scan of your foreign passport
– copy of your booked tickets
– exact dates of your travelling to Crimea

– Fly directly to St. Petersburg or Moscow and from there to Simferopol, the capital of Crimea peninsula
Our guide will meet you in the airport, help to guest in the hotel, will follow you in your everyday excursions according to tour program and show around Black sea coast sightseeings.

– Currency

Official currency on the territory of Crimea is ruble. It’s possible to pay for tour in euros as all expenses about hotels, car-transfer, guide, food, excursions and sightseeings are included into tour price.
All foreign currency is advisable to bring in cash as Master card or Visa card services don’t work temporally in Crimea region.

– Language

Official language on the territory of Crimea peninsula is Russian. Our professional and experienced guides speak fluently English\ French\ German so during the tour travelling or excursions our foreign tourists won’t have any language problems or troubles in understanding locals.

– Internet \wi-fi

All hotels, bars, restaurants, coffees and so on are supplied with free wi-fi connection. So there isn’t any problem for foreign tourists to be on-line all time or to call home if it’s necessary when being in the Crimea.

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