One of the most fantastic and amazingly beautiful places on Crimea peninsula is Koyashskoe salty lake of pink colour. Its shores are of crystalized salt which has violets smell. Its water color in spring is pink but up by the summer it becomes richly red. Marrowy surface of this Crimea lake has incredible views built up from the salt icebergs and frozen stones. Initially Koyashskoe lake was part of the Black Sea Crimea. Over time, due to the action of the Crimea sea a strip of land formed — so-called Koyashskaya spit of 0.1 km of width and of 3 km – of longevity, having fenced off the pond.  Today its area is 500 hectares.

Опук, июль 2013.


Picturesque Koyashskoe salty lake in the Crimea is an amazing natural Crimea tourism object. Its water is colored in pink but the most unbelievable point here is that its colour saturation changes depending on the season. The reason for the predominance of pink, red and orange shades in the surface of the lake are in its inhabitants — microscopic algae, rich pigment respective colors, as well as crustaceans Artemia. In addition to color, thanks to the algae that can produce beta-carotene, the lake and the salt crystals get pleasant violet flavor.

Kojashskoe Solenoe ozero rozovogo cveta

Kojashskoe Solenoe ozero rozovogo cveta

Заповедник Опук, апрель 2013.

With the beginning of summer, the lake color becomes more intense. And the brighter the sun shines and warms more the air, the more beautiful it becomes. Under the scorching rays the water evaporates and the salt dries up, settling on the stones and forming intricate crystals, reflected in a mirror of the pond. The rate of crystallization is striking: in the hottest days the boulders turn into icebergs of salt on our eyes. Along the edges of the lake under such conditions the snow-white fringe forms, gradually spreading across the whole territory. During this period pink Krym lake and its shores, completely covered with crystallized salt resembles the landscapes shown on the photographs of the planet Mars. Wind carries the salt crystals along the Cimmerian steppes, drying its lands and making them nearly lifeless.

Опук, июль 2013.

So this lake can be called “natural chemical laboratory”: despite the fact that local conditions seem to be unsuitable for the life of the animals and birds but some species, nevertheless, managed to adapt to them. For example, shorebirds live in the lake by the end of the summer season.

The territory around the lake is being twitched greenery in the spring, when the salinity of the lagoon is on its lowest mark in the year. At this time you can even see the blooming tulips and wild waterfowl nesting birds.

Опук, июль 2013.


The basin of the salty Koyashskogo lake the curative mud and brine is concentrated, which have miraculous properties, which isn’t even worse as to the healing power of Saki’s silt. The lake bottom is covered with mud volume of 1.7 million. M³.

When travel to Crimea or planning Crimea vacation don’t forget to visit this amazingly beautiful and naturally built lake miracle.

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