Still, to see lions in the wild nature conditions, and thus to stay in safe, you could go to Africa to so-called Safari. Now it’s possible to see and visit everything in Crimea region. Today Crimean Safari Park Taigan is considered to be one of a kind throughout Europe.



The territory, where Safari Park is located, was chosen not by chance: the steppe landscape is the most suitable for lions and for creating realistic African environment.

In addition, very interesting in nature and landscapes attractive tourist routes had been planning to make already for a long period of time.



“White rock” (as many people call it) or Ak-Kaya (its historic name) isn’t very famous for foreign tourists but worth of visiting when in Crimea vacation. In South-Eastern part of the map Crimea over the valley of the river Biyuk-Karasu far from the popular holiday resort of this Black sea coast area, there is a magical AK-Kaya – a white rock, coeval with mammoths and Neanderthals. Once this mountain was under the water of the vast ancient ocean as archaeologists have found evidence of the fossilized remains of ancient mollusks and fish in the thickness of its limestone. In ancient times there was the most world-wide famous “silk road” coming through this mountain region…

So taking into consideration all these history facts and suitable unique Crimea weather and landscape this place is considered to be the best for making safari-park here.

During their visist all tourists can observe the habits of wild animals, see how small lions have fun, and adult male-lions divide and fight for their territory. Its unbelievable possibility in the whole Europe is offered only in this Black sea region.




Some lion prides in 58 cats including and white lions live on the area of 30-hecters.

Animals over five years had been collected from different zoos of Russia, Ukraine, Europe, and some of them were specially imported from South Africa, as, for example, unique white lions, which there aren’t any in the zoos of ex-USSR.

For visitors the kings of animals are completely safe, because all tourist routes are lined in specially equipped bridges with a total length exceeding one kilometer. The human world comes in contact with the world of the lions so close that you don’t even notice the border that separates you from one of the most notorious predators on the planet.


26 species of animals, including leopards, Amur tigers, primates, camels, yaks, bears, giraffes, birds, llamas, different types of antelopes can be shown to all tourists travel to Crimea.

Latest news on Crimea says that on the 4-th of December 2016 3 bengaline male tigers of white color were born in Yalta zoo. They were given names as Athos, Porthos and Aramis like the best-known all over the world musketeers. Now these babies are on artificial nutrition as their mother refused to feed them.


It’s the most unique characteristic of the best and the only zoo and safari-park in the whole Europe where all animals have children not having free life.


The birth of albinos the Crimean zoo staff considers to be unique not only due to the fact that this tiger subspecies are taken in the Red book of the International Union for conservation of nature. There are 136 species of Bengal tigers-albinos, all of them held in different zoos and parks.

The total number of Bengal tigers in the world, given in the zoos, is 3500, but the population is decreasing, that’s why these Bengal tigers are in danger of vanishing forever.

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