“Wine activates all cerebral gyri and lights up at heart magical fireworks sparkling wit and joy»


Mulled wine is truly considered as a winter drink. And, of course, it symbolizes numerous winter holidays, which we love to celebrate with a glass of delicious Crimea wine.
Since the fact mulled wine having become popular nowadays nevertheless it is inextricably linked with the famous Christmas markets in Germany, Austria and other European countries, the scent of this wonderful drink has long been considered an inherent part of Christmas.

According to history data in XVI, the recipes for mulled wine from Bordeaux and Claret For the first time appeared in cookbooks for the first time. Honey, cardamom, cinnamon and grass root galingal were used as the most important ingredients. One type of mulled wine «Negus» was even treated at children’s parties.
The Roman Empire fell, old manners and times were replaced, but love of warming drinks, humanity keeps still.
Krim Christmas mulled wines has a memorable taste, heady aroma, gives warmth and comfort, regardless of whether it warms your walking outdoors or complement the celebration of Christmas in the family circle.
Ingredients for a holiday drink are simple, you can certainly buy a set for Christmas mulled wine in bags, but we believe that it is better to create a great holiday drink to your wish.
Mulled wine is drunk hot, immediately after cooking until the wine has not lost its taste and bouquet, with pleasure inhaling the aroma of the beverage. Mulled wine is to be served in ceramic cups that have long retain heat mulled wine in the cold or in a tall glass, preferably transparent, to once again admire the color of the beverage.
According to history of the Crimea and being the Black sea region this peninsula has the best climate for wine-making and its traditions from ancient times.
Nobody believes that Crimea peninsula has winter and even with snow and severe frosts. Planning winter Crimea holiday all tourists and guests should know that they can go skiing and sledging in mountain in Crimean Mountains.

And of course after skiing all tourists should attend and make a picnic in high mountains with fragrant mulled wine — the most it!
The basis of the classic mulled wine is good red wine, in rare cases, white, perfect, dry and strong wines. As a spice one should use vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, tangerine peel, sugar, raisins and nuts. Special mulled wine lovers add chopped ginger in it.
Then, in addition to a warming effect, mulled wine has tonic, prophylactic and health properties, being a wonderful and the most delicious remedy for upcoming cold. Use mulled wine as a sedative and in the recovery period after infectious diseases.

And another secret, which is often not mentioned in most recipes: when the wine is heated, alcohol is evaporated, and as to return its strength, mulled wine and spicing up a touch, you need to add a strong alcoholic drink — brandy or rum, a little taste.
So many recipes and so many tourists, guests and native citizens drink it in the cafes and make at home.

The most famous Crimea wine making plant “Massandra” opened mulled wine season and announced a competition for the best and the most original its recipe prepared with Massandra wine.
В «Массандре» подвели итоги конкурса на самый оригинальный рецепт глинтвейна. The winner got 40 likes and the most unforgettable dinner for 2 persons in the best Yalta restaurant.

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