As the latest “News on Crimea” reports: “Boat wrecks were found at the 16-mters depth on the 21-st of July, 2016. Military weapon “Flak 28 (40 mm)”, screws and boat fragments which are of history importance were picked up from the sunken boat”.


Divers have already begun picking up the boat from the bottom of Black sea waters.
It was hit on a mine in June of 1943 but before this time it had had its time to sink some Soviet ships.
According to archive and historic data of WWII in the Crimea a boat was exposed on the mine and sank down near the Black sea coast. There were 12 people on it as a crew who died.
Also there were steamship “Sevastopol” which had had almost 1000 people on its aboard and sanitary marine transport “Belostok” with 400 wounded and injured soldiers which were swimming along Black sea coast.
40-meters boat was tried to pick up from Black sea many times but they were failed. Now it’s new attempt to take it up from 16-meters depth.
If to be more exact, there is on the bottom its aft and anti-aircraft gun weighing 2,5 tons.
The first part of this very difficult operation is to find out the particular coordinates of the object in the Black sea and to fix there a buoy, on the second stage the divers will swim in and rope around the gun with a cable. One can see screws, conning tower and gun ammunition there. Boat gun is of 10 meters from the boat hull. The divers suppose that the boat gun was tried to be picked up from the Black sea bottom by the illegal antiquity lovers.
Sea expedition with representatives of the search movement in Russia and the Russian military- historical society began on July 21 at the Black Sea and will end on 29 July. Expedition members are working in the Black Sea near Kacha , Yevpatoria, Feodossiya and Kerch Strait .
In the nearest future they will start the process of IL -2 picking up from the Black sea coast region, which was hit by 8 November 1943 .
At that time, the aircraft was running by hero of the Soviet Union Yusup Akaev , the crew was rescued by a boat of the Navy .

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