Tour operators included Massandra beach in Crimea peninsula Yalta to the four-oar of the most sexual beaches in Europe. Yalta city is the main health resort in Black sea peninsula.

It is the most popular and often-visited among Yalta beaches. It is widened and convenient, with the best nature views typical for Crimea beach.

As Argophilia Travel News says that tour operators also marked sexual attraction of beaches of Italian peninsula- Gargano, “rabbits beach” which is on the Italian island- Lampeduza and Barbaros beach near Turkish city Bodrum. Rating compilers explained didn’t explain exactly what they meant under “beaches sexual attraction”. But nevertheless they mark Crimea peninsula beaches to be the biggest, the most picturesque and the most interesting ones. Black sea southern coast beach amazed experts with its picturesque views and territory. The semicircular bay of Yalta peninsula allowed nature to create here a lot of beaches, protected by the mountain wall from winds.
Storms are rare in Yalta beach but they are the most amazing and unforgettably beautiful. Black sea waves beat against the stone embankments; fly on piers of splashing fountains.
There 2 types of beaches in Yalta Russia: public beaches, Primorskiy park, hotel and sanatoria ones, Massandra beach. They are considered to be visiting card of the Crimean peninsula Europe map. Beaches, including Massandra, in Yalta city contain pebbles and fine rock dust, so there is no muddy water even during a storm, as it happens on the sandy shores of the Crimea. Underwater world of Massandra beach is very beautiful and different. It’s a great pleasure to dive here with a mask.
In high season the Crimean beach becomes the center of resort life, there are concerts, club parties. Crimea vacations tourists are also recommended nearby luxury restaurants and nightclubs.
Massandra beach is in the eastern part of Yalta. But the most important and interesting fact that exactly this Crimea region is according international standards. Blue flag has been waving above it since 2010. The same flag is on the foreign Cretan and italion ones.
Other available services are tennis, sport fitness equipment; there are many different cafes and restaurants where you can order your dinner or some cocktails.

But that’s not all: there are regularly unbelievable parties on Massandra beach, concerts with live sound, the guest stars. Nobody will be boring!!!!!

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