Traditional chrysanthemums exhibition “Chrysanthemums ball” started this year from the 24-th of October in Nikita botanic garden in Yalta.


Every year this amazingly colorful and beautiful flower holiday attracts thousands of tourists, guests and citizens of Crimea peninsula. There will be shown almost 200 of chrysanthemums types of Russian, Asian, European and American sorts. Also Crimean plant — breeders from Nikita Botanic garden will present more than 50 new hybrid sorts which were specially grown for this October exhibition. 20. If you like any flower sort you can buy it immediately in the special room of the botanic garden. This year there will be chosen “Queen of large -flowered chrysanthemums” and “Princess of small-flowered ones”. It will continue till the beginning of December 2016. Also all guests and tourists can take part in the most interesting ceremony- to suggest their variants to 20 hybrid flowers which are still without their sort names.


The most popular Crimea region flower exhibition “Chrysanthemums ball” was in Nikita Botanic garden since 1953.

Initially these flowers were meant for growing only outdoors but due to the efforts of crimean collectors, crimea weather and special solutions they can grow in boxes and be in blossom for a long period of time. Chrysanthemum is a suffrutescent plant which has branched stems with small separate leaves. Chrysanthemums belong to Asteraceae family. Their genus is over 350 species. The most common chrysanthemum flowers are typical Asian countries.


It’s amazingly unforgettable view: 125 sorts and hybrid forms of the exhibition chrysanthemums are of small-flowered garden group and 115 ones are of the large-flowered sort. The size of the flowers varies from 2-20 cm.



Latest news on Crimea from Nikita botanic garden exhibition specially highlights the group of border chrysanthemums which is presented in 27 undersized sorts from 15-45 cm in height. Exactly these flowers are the first to blossom and to open the most unforgettable and beautiful “Chrysanthemums ball” on Crimea peninsula.



Garden chrysanthemums are from 20-70 cm in height. But chrysanthemums, which native land is considered to be India, are warm weather and thermophilic, but Korean ones are freeze-resistant and can blossom till late Krim autumn.



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