Aviadarts show can be considered to be gambled games of Russia aircraft forces in Crimea. The appearance in the sky over the Crimea peninsula of the Russian aircrafts  is the event which without any hesitation changes all rules of the game in the world of aviation. The clouds over the sea are «bathing» by the Russian multipurpose fighter of the fifth generation T-50 PAK FA .This unforgettable show was on the 5-th of june, 2016 on the territory of Russian Crimea peninsula, on Feodossiya polygon.

This air saboteur can escape from radar. It has surpassed the US F- 35 .In speed and agility of these Russian machines there are no any equal ones. This T-50 of the next decade will determine the shape of the national , and the global fighter aircraft.  

On the helm of Russian aviation aircrafts are only the best pilots of the country. It is simple, complex and aerobatics, loss of land and sea targets. For the first time in Crimea region are great competitions of the aircrew «Aviadarts».


When the super-maneuverable MiG — 29 flew over the stands at the minimum height the clouds that early in the morning hung over the polygon, burst shower . A deafening roar and blinding lightning — Crimean real storm is not a hindrance to the thunderstorms multifunctional aviation bomber Su — 34. Nearly escaping from lightning, this sniper kills a mobile command post of the enemy. Accuracy of getting is up to a meter. Exactly in this way during the air operation in Syria, our Russian aircraft-space forces were making pinpoint strikes on particularly important targets of terrorists.


One of the most difficult tasks of Russian-Crimean «Aviadarts » was the defeat of sea targets . Under such weather conditions, the task was almost impossible. But not for the Russian Space Forces pilots. A group of multi-purpose planes and helicopters made air strikes on imaged targets. The largest in the world Mi- 26 helicopter dove and hovered just five meters from the ground. «Alligator» Ka- 52 demonstrated the wonders of balancing act: spinning in a spiral and left like a real artist.

               These air virtuosos «Swifts» pilots study to fly like that for decades . Each figure, which is given to the plane-pilot in the sky , is not just a spectacular stunt for the audience but the way to escape from the enemy . Flying «Swifts» and «Russian Knights » , this year celebrating its 25th anniversary , like a dream come true.


Winners of Crimean stage of «Aviadarts -2016» competition will defend the honor of aerospace of Russian forces at the international level in August in Ryazan, competing in accuracy, the art of navigation and piloting with the pilots of Kazakhstan, Belarus , Pakistan and China.


       British newspaper “The Mail on Sunday” praised the show «Aviamiks » , which was held at the site of Chauda in the Crimea in over-all russian show «Aviadartsa» .”Russian Air Force aircrafts made a spectacular demonstration of their skills with the participation of attack helicopters and fighter jets in the Crimean air competitions «, reports TASS.

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