Nevertheless foreign tourists travel to Crimea after referendum 2014


Actually nowadays it’s very-very easy to get to Crimea. All foreign tourists receive an invitation for visa applying to Moscow from Russian tourist agencies. Then get Russian visa stamp in their foreign passport with which they can travel through the whole Russian Federation easily without any notification that they visit this or that city or region.

British philologist Paul Hansdon told the RT, came for a rest Crimea despite on the fact that she was discouraged by her friends and relatives. She told: “I’ve been going to Krim for 11 years. I go to the beaches and enjoy the Criema views. This Black sea region has stunning geological features: here nature collected a lot of different landscapes «.
According to her words, Crimea tourism reality differs greatly from the one Western journalists describe claiming that everything is so bad in Crimea peninsula. «To be honest, the Western media, including the British, does not really understand the real situation in the Crimea. They still live in the past; many people believe that Russia is still a communist state. They are behind reality. They do not have any idea about what kind of people live here. For them, the Russians seem to be from another planet «, — she explained.


Restaurateur from Italy Roberto Lo Cicero Vaina moved to the Crimea in 2014 despite on the fact all his friends tried to persuade him not to do this, referring to the fact that life there is simply dangerous, but he never listened. «Friends and colleagues said that it’s dangerous to live in the Crimea peninsular, there is a war. Then I was told that this information is incorrect, it is propaganda of the Western media, «- said Roberto. He also added that when he declared in his homeland of the occupation, it was unpleasant to listen to it, because he lived in the city center and able to see what is really happening. The Italian also believes that after the Russia Crimea 2014 referendum, the standard of living has increased, since before it was far from perfect, «Poverty was a serious problem.» «Now it is clear that the development of Crimea region comes and goes quickly. After the referendum, there are many new perspectives «, — said Roberto.”It will last for 10 years, more precisely since the Crimea plays a very important role to Russian Federation «, — he concluded.


To clear up some points it seems necessary to add that, Crimea peninsula became Russian region after March 2014 referendum holding on in which the majority of residents were in favor of entry into the Russian Federation. Crimean authorities held a referendum after Russian Ukrainian conflict in February 2014.

There are also foreigners who are interested in the peninsula in spite of everything. Retired German brothers Thomas and Andreas Gregor Gruban-Nikolay Shmakov were amazed from a travel to Crimea. In spring 2016 they made a bike tour that was called “Around Crimea for 20 days”, with Shmak riding a unicycle. Cheerful brothers wanted to check out rumors about peninsula. They were amazed to see happy people’s faces, developing Black sea coast and to know many new future integration projects.


Meanwhile, in this Black sea region many foreign delegates came very often with their visits. Following the French parliamentarians, inquired to 23 July 2016, there were also delegates from Germany and Italy. The goal was to reconnoiter the situation, how Crimea had changed after the referendum, to communicate with ordinary people, learn how safely here to live and work.

So, my dear foreign tourists, you are warmly welcome for holidays in Crimea!!!!!!

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