Crimea sightseeings


Crimea peninsula is a unique land in the whole Russia as here you can find everything: unforgettable and diverse nature views, a lot of monuments of different epochs, awesome views and picturesque mountains.
Crimea is like a “pearl” which some many ancient and modern peoples wanted to conquer and get.
Many sightseeings in Crimea had been made by ancient Greeks, Cimmerians, Romans, Germans, French, Italians and other people.

Crimea location permits it to have suitable climate, good seasons, warm Black sea and to spend unforgettable holidays here with a lot of positive emotions, pictures and smiles.
When planning holidays in Crimea you should keep in mind that you won’t find any diversity of architecture styles wherever in Europe. Genuess fortress in Feodosiya and Sudak, its remnants in Balaklava will amuse any tourist with their many-centuries history, mystery and beauty.
A few defend lines, tower complexes, great number of ditches and locality, chosen for building of fortresses were carefully counted and overthought by the architects of that time in an order to do them stable and unreachable for enemies. Till today in the walls of fortresses the spirit of that time is saved and every Crimea tourist can feel this.

If you want to see slim castles with their parks, sea views and rocky Crimea region you should visit Yalta city with its Massandra palace and Livadiya palace, Swallow’s nest.
Another historic city is Bakhchisaray which had been the capital of Crimean khan-state and there is the most beautiful eastern-type constructed Khan’s palace.
All places in Crimea are full of history and connected with many famous events: Civil revolution, tsar’s family, Crimea Russia question, WWII.
So in 1945 Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill met in Livadiya palace to conduct conference de Yalta.
Speaking about built in 16-th century Khan’s palace was a participant of many wars, the most well-known of which is Crimean war.
Sevastopol is famous for its architecture remnants of Crimea war and WWII.
If you want to see both ancient and military monuments then you should go to Balaklava, a place where there is Genuess fortress built by Italians and secret submarine-repairing deck built for
Nowadays Crimea develops different kinds of tourism: winery, historic, religious, nature, sport and many others. As it is located in suitable climatic zones, Crimea is good for fruits and grapes planting. Massandra, Inkerman wines, Noviy Svet, Zolotaya balka champagne are well-known all over the world. So Crimea winery tourism is very popular and well-developed now. Special tours will include visiting winery and champagne making plants, tasting wine or champagne in special romantic atmosphere.

Crimea is an ideal place where even the most curious tourist can find all that he wants to see. In this Black sea region you can have a rest with your soul and body where you’ll want to return again and again.

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