Crimea peninsula

Crimea peninsula

1. Crimea is the biggest peninsula located in the south-western part of Russia. Its territory is 27 000 square km. The length of Crimea region from the north (previous Perekop strait) to the south ( Saryich cape) is 2017 km; from the west (Priboyniy cape) to the east (Fonar cape) is 324 km.

2. Krim is a unique peninsula in the Black sea as you can meet 3 climatic and nature zones on its territory: steppes (with moderate-continental climate), Crimean mountains and southern coastline (climatic zone is close to the subtropical one).

3. 3. The most southern point of the Crimea region is Saryich cape (south Crimea coast)

4. The biggest bay is Sevastopolskaya one but not only in Krim but in the whole Russia. Its length is 8 km comparing to Golden horn bay in Vladivostok which is 7 km.

5. The most mysterious Russia Crimea peninsula bay is Balaklavskaya which is in 12 km from Sevastopol. It hid between the rocks of Balaklava mountains and it’s not seen from the sea. Ancient Greeks called it “Symbolon lympe”- “weird harbor”. It is supposed to be Listrings’ port according to ancient greek mythology. They were giant-cannibals whom Odissey and his companions met.

6. Northern-Crimea canal length of its trunk is 402, 6 km, the width is up to 150 meters, the depth is 7 meters. Total length of the distribution network is 1500 km.

7. Roman- Kosh is the highest pick of Babugan plateau and Crimea mountains. Its height is 1545 meters above Black sea level. You can find the rarest seen endemic flower- Crimea silver edelweiss.

8. Europe longest intercity trolley-bus line is from Simferopol to Yalta. Its length from the airport “Simferopol” to Yalta bus-station is 95 km. The first line (Simferopol-Alushta) was opened in 1959, the second one (Simferopol- Yalta) was opened in 2 years.

9. The first railway station with steam traction in state of Crimea was built by British during Sevestapol siege. This road connected Balaklava (the main English base under Sevastopol) with the first line- Sapun mountain and Gosfort rock. Railway length is about 13 km.

10. The most shallow-watered sea in the world is Azov one. Its depth isn’t more than 15 meters, an average one is 8 meters. Ancient Greeks called it to be “Meotian lake”. It is connected with the Black sea by the Kerch strait.

11. The biggest Krim cave is Kizil-Koba (Red cave). Total extension of its discovered part is more than 16 km.

12. The longest Criema river is Salgir. Its length is 204 km. The most abounding in water river is Belbek.

13. Crimean highest waterfall is Uchan-Su. It’s in the around Yalta city. Height of Uchan-Su is almost 100 meters .

14. The longest Crimean spit is Arabat one , which separates the Gulf of Siwash on Azov sea . Its length is about 115 m, width is from 270 m to 8 km.

15. Black sea peninsula city with the greatest number of monuments is Sevestapol. There are more than 2015 historic and cultural monuments including ancient ones in Sebastopol Russia.

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