Crimean Ministry of tourism and resorts will dedicate summer season-2017 opening to the 230-th anniversary of Catherine’s the Great travel to Crimea. Her trip is considered to be the beginning of Crimea tourism development. All holiday celebrations are planned from the 29-th of April till the 2-nd of May. Crimean cities and region administrations were asked to think and organize the most interesting programs for these days for Crimean citizens and guests to plan their Crimea vacations. By the way when there is celebration in the same time all Black sea region tourists have possibility to see and adore its several regions and beauties.

The grand opening of the tourist season of 2017 will be held under the name of «Catherine’s Mile». Imperatrice Catherine II visited Crimea in 1787 during her big inspection of the regions joined to Russia after the war with Turkey. She stayed in Stariy Krim and Feodossiya. On the way of great Imperatrice’s voyage, milestone pillars were put, and every 10 miles were put special columns — Catherine’s miles. Cities that Catherine the Great had visited during her Black sea coast trip, prepare new excursion programs, during which tourists will be able to see the sightseeings of the «Catherine’s mile». It was one of the most expensive trips in Russian Empire for which they spent 15 million rubles.




Imperatrice had stayed in the Crimea for more than 10 days having visited Simferopol, Bakhchisaray, Sevastopol, and other cities. Grand celebrations were organized in honor of her arrival in every place she visited and stayed. The train, prepared for the trip, consisted of 14 carriages, 124 sledges with cabs, and 40 spare sledges. The Empress’s carriage housed a drawing-room for eight people, a small library, an office, a card table and all the amenities; it was harnessed by thirty horses. In addition, Catherine intended six-seat and four-seater coaches, as well as a resting wagon. At the stations for travelers were prepared for 560 changeable horses.


Political meaning of Catherine’s II Crimea voyage wasn’t only of great political meaning. She also wanted to see people living there, to give possibility to citizens to see Imperatrice and tell her about their problems in order to solve them and to make justice.
In August 2016, a restored monument to Empress Catherine II was opened in the Central Park of Culture and Rest in Simferopol. It is an exact copy of a statue that had been destroyed almost 100 years ago during the Soviet era.


crimea arheology

Archaeologists at the construction place of the Crimean Bridge discovered ancient coins, ancient hydraulic structures and an ancient necropolis. Archaeologists who work at the construction place of the Kerch bridge found during the excavation a treasure of ancient coins and ancient hydraulic structures, as well as burial places of the nobility. All discoveries were made at the entrances to the constructing bridge, where archaeological excavations are obligatory when constructing large objects during the entire excavation period after the construction has begun. Latest news on Crimea say: «From all unique discoveries we can identify a treasure with piastres. These are also the unique hydrotechnical constructions of the pre-Greek period, discovered at the Ilyichevskoe settlement.”

crimean most
“Not long ago, it was believed that such structures began to appear only with the beginning of the Greek colonization. But in the course of research it was known that the local tribes before the arrival of the Greeks were also the carriers of high material culture, «said Georgy Davydenko, head of the Department of Archeology of the Krasnodar Territory Administration. An ancient necropolis was also discovered there and exactly the burial places of the nobility. According to Davydenko, monuments of various historical epochs from early bronze to late Middle Ages were also inspected. Active excavation period in Crimea peninsula has already been completed on 89 sites, nine more historical objects continue to be surveyed, all work is planned to be completed in the spring of 2017. Davydenko noted that all excavations at the entrances to constructing Kerch bridge are being conducted within the number of measures to ensure the preservation of historic objects on the site of construction.

«In Crimea today at the beginning of the bridge crossing projecting on the stage of route selection, all Crimea region objects of the archaeological heritage were taken into consideration, but, taking into account all peculiarities of this Black and Azov sea region with architectural monuments, they could not completely bypass them. Davydenko noted that excavations on the entrances to constructing Kerch bridge are being conducted within the set of measures to ensure the preservation of historic sites on the site of construction.


They could not completely bypass them, and a full range of works was provided to ensure the safety of these objects — that is, archaeological excavations on this part of Crimea location.

Crimea peninsula is a unique territory for tourism, rest and health recovery. It is open to the guests and tourists from all over the world and the whole year round. Crimea tourism business is in consonant development creating new possibilities for investors, forming new touristic clusters, working out new technologies of hotel services and Crimean resorts rehabilitation attracting foreign partners for new business projects realization.
“Open Crimea forum” is modern platform for tourist, hotels, sanatorium-resorts and restaurants business professionals’ meeting. They are open for experience, knowledge and skills, ideas exchange.

Interesting facts about Crimean forum:
Uniqueness: it’s complex and professional event in tourism in Crimea sphere;
Periodicity: forum is held twice a year: before the beginning of active Crimea tourism season and on the eve of wellness season (October- April);
International level: forum guests are representors of tourist business and mass media from Italy, India, Iran, China;
New format: this forum is organized as a dialogue between government, business and social organizations; it’s discussed world-wide trends and regional possibilities;


Participants: over 1000 people from Crimea peninsula and Russian Federation

This year forum continues to be open for international delegations and for representors from Russian federation tourist business. It’s first time when this event will be held on for 3 days. Its 1-st day will be for the exhibition of coming summer Crimea beach season, modern Crimean beach rest, then there will be a conference “Crimea beach world”, also an exhibition of the beach technologies and equipment. International foreign partners who are interested in Crimea tourism and resorts will visit all its stands. There will be organized the most interesting and picturesque information Crimea tours where our guest can see and visit the most amazing and wonderful places in Black sea coast.

Traditionally, the exhibition area will create a comfortable area for business meetings, where it is convenient to discuss all details of future contracts and sign them. Thus, the tourism exhibition «Open Crimea — 2017» will be the largest business event of the tourism industry to prepare for the summer season in the Krim in 2017.



Nevertheless foreign tourists travel to Crimea after referendum 2014


Actually nowadays it’s very-very easy to get to Crimea. All foreign tourists receive an invitation for visa applying to Moscow from Russian tourist agencies. Then get Russian visa stamp in their foreign passport with which they can travel through the whole Russian Federation easily without any notification that they visit this or that city or region.

British philologist Paul Hansdon told the RT, came for a rest Crimea despite on the fact that she was discouraged by her friends and relatives. She told: “I’ve been going to Krim for 11 years. I go to the beaches and enjoy the Criema views. This Black sea region has stunning geological features: here nature collected a lot of different landscapes «.
According to her words, Crimea tourism reality differs greatly from the one Western journalists describe claiming that everything is so bad in Crimea peninsula. «To be honest, the Western media, including the British, does not really understand the real situation in the Crimea. They still live in the past; many people believe that Russia is still a communist state. They are behind reality. They do not have any idea about what kind of people live here. For them, the Russians seem to be from another planet «, — she explained.


Restaurateur from Italy Roberto Lo Cicero Vaina moved to the Crimea in 2014 despite on the fact all his friends tried to persuade him not to do this, referring to the fact that life there is simply dangerous, but he never listened. «Friends and colleagues said that it’s dangerous to live in the Crimea peninsular, there is a war. Then I was told that this information is incorrect, it is propaganda of the Western media, «- said Roberto. He also added that when he declared in his homeland of the occupation, it was unpleasant to listen to it, because he lived in the city center and able to see what is really happening. The Italian also believes that after the Russia Crimea 2014 referendum, the standard of living has increased, since before it was far from perfect, «Poverty was a serious problem.» «Now it is clear that the development of Crimea region comes and goes quickly. After the referendum, there are many new perspectives «, — said Roberto.”It will last for 10 years, more precisely since the Crimea plays a very important role to Russian Federation «, — he concluded.


To clear up some points it seems necessary to add that, Crimea peninsula became Russian region after March 2014 referendum holding on in which the majority of residents were in favor of entry into the Russian Federation. Crimean authorities held a referendum after Russian Ukrainian conflict in February 2014.

There are also foreigners who are interested in the peninsula in spite of everything. Retired German brothers Thomas and Andreas Gregor Gruban-Nikolay Shmakov were amazed from a travel to Crimea. In spring 2016 they made a bike tour that was called “Around Crimea for 20 days”, with Shmak riding a unicycle. Cheerful brothers wanted to check out rumors about peninsula. They were amazed to see happy people’s faces, developing Black sea coast and to know many new future integration projects.


Meanwhile, in this Black sea region many foreign delegates came very often with their visits. Following the French parliamentarians, inquired to 23 July 2016, there were also delegates from Germany and Italy. The goal was to reconnoiter the situation, how Crimea had changed after the referendum, to communicate with ordinary people, learn how safely here to live and work.

So, my dear foreign tourists, you are warmly welcome for holidays in Crimea!!!!!!

Tour operators included Massandra beach in Crimea peninsula Yalta to the four-oar of the most sexual beaches in Europe. Yalta city is the main health resort in Black sea peninsula.

It is the most popular and often-visited among Yalta beaches. It is widened and convenient, with the best nature views typical for Crimea beach.

As Argophilia Travel News says that tour operators also marked sexual attraction of beaches of Italian peninsula- Gargano, “rabbits beach” which is on the Italian island- Lampeduza and Barbaros beach near Turkish city Bodrum. Rating compilers explained didn’t explain exactly what they meant under “beaches sexual attraction”. But nevertheless they mark Crimea peninsula beaches to be the biggest, the most picturesque and the most interesting ones. Black sea southern coast beach amazed experts with its picturesque views and territory. The semicircular bay of Yalta peninsula allowed nature to create here a lot of beaches, protected by the mountain wall from winds.
Storms are rare in Yalta beach but they are the most amazing and unforgettably beautiful. Black sea waves beat against the stone embankments; fly on piers of splashing fountains.
There 2 types of beaches in Yalta Russia: public beaches, Primorskiy park, hotel and sanatoria ones, Massandra beach. They are considered to be visiting card of the Crimean peninsula Europe map. Beaches, including Massandra, in Yalta city contain pebbles and fine rock dust, so there is no muddy water even during a storm, as it happens on the sandy shores of the Crimea. Underwater world of Massandra beach is very beautiful and different. It’s a great pleasure to dive here with a mask.
In high season the Crimean beach becomes the center of resort life, there are concerts, club parties. Crimea vacations tourists are also recommended nearby luxury restaurants and nightclubs.
Massandra beach is in the eastern part of Yalta. But the most important and interesting fact that exactly this Crimea region is according international standards. Blue flag has been waving above it since 2010. The same flag is on the foreign Cretan and italion ones.
Other available services are tennis, sport fitness equipment; there are many different cafes and restaurants where you can order your dinner or some cocktails.

But that’s not all: there are regularly unbelievable parties on Massandra beach, concerts with live sound, the guest stars. Nobody will be boring!!!!!

“Wine activates all cerebral gyri and lights up at heart magical fireworks sparkling wit and joy»


Mulled wine is truly considered as a winter drink. And, of course, it symbolizes numerous winter holidays, which we love to celebrate with a glass of delicious Crimea wine.
Since the fact mulled wine having become popular nowadays nevertheless it is inextricably linked with the famous Christmas markets in Germany, Austria and other European countries, the scent of this wonderful drink has long been considered an inherent part of Christmas.

According to history data in XVI, the recipes for mulled wine from Bordeaux and Claret For the first time appeared in cookbooks for the first time. Honey, cardamom, cinnamon and grass root galingal were used as the most important ingredients. One type of mulled wine «Negus» was even treated at children’s parties.
The Roman Empire fell, old manners and times were replaced, but love of warming drinks, humanity keeps still.
Krim Christmas mulled wines has a memorable taste, heady aroma, gives warmth and comfort, regardless of whether it warms your walking outdoors or complement the celebration of Christmas in the family circle.
Ingredients for a holiday drink are simple, you can certainly buy a set for Christmas mulled wine in bags, but we believe that it is better to create a great holiday drink to your wish.
Mulled wine is drunk hot, immediately after cooking until the wine has not lost its taste and bouquet, with pleasure inhaling the aroma of the beverage. Mulled wine is to be served in ceramic cups that have long retain heat mulled wine in the cold or in a tall glass, preferably transparent, to once again admire the color of the beverage.
According to history of the Crimea and being the Black sea region this peninsula has the best climate for wine-making and its traditions from ancient times.
Nobody believes that Crimea peninsula has winter and even with snow and severe frosts. Planning winter Crimea holiday all tourists and guests should know that they can go skiing and sledging in mountain in Crimean Mountains.

And of course after skiing all tourists should attend and make a picnic in high mountains with fragrant mulled wine — the most it!
The basis of the classic mulled wine is good red wine, in rare cases, white, perfect, dry and strong wines. As a spice one should use vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, tangerine peel, sugar, raisins and nuts. Special mulled wine lovers add chopped ginger in it.
Then, in addition to a warming effect, mulled wine has tonic, prophylactic and health properties, being a wonderful and the most delicious remedy for upcoming cold. Use mulled wine as a sedative and in the recovery period after infectious diseases.

And another secret, which is often not mentioned in most recipes: when the wine is heated, alcohol is evaporated, and as to return its strength, mulled wine and spicing up a touch, you need to add a strong alcoholic drink — brandy or rum, a little taste.
So many recipes and so many tourists, guests and native citizens drink it in the cafes and make at home.

The most famous Crimea wine making plant “Massandra” opened mulled wine season and announced a competition for the best and the most original its recipe prepared with Massandra wine.
В «Массандре» подвели итоги конкурса на самый оригинальный рецепт глинтвейна. The winner got 40 likes and the most unforgettable dinner for 2 persons in the best Yalta restaurant.


Traditional chrysanthemums exhibition “Chrysanthemums ball” started this year from the 24-th of October in Nikita botanic garden in Yalta.


Every year this amazingly colorful and beautiful flower holiday attracts thousands of tourists, guests and citizens of Crimea peninsula. There will be shown almost 200 of chrysanthemums types of Russian, Asian, European and American sorts. Also Crimean plant — breeders from Nikita Botanic garden will present more than 50 new hybrid sorts which were specially grown for this October exhibition. 20. If you like any flower sort you can buy it immediately in the special room of the botanic garden. This year there will be chosen “Queen of large -flowered chrysanthemums” and “Princess of small-flowered ones”. It will continue till the beginning of December 2016. Also all guests and tourists can take part in the most interesting ceremony- to suggest their variants to 20 hybrid flowers which are still without their sort names.


The most popular Crimea region flower exhibition “Chrysanthemums ball” was in Nikita Botanic garden since 1953.

Initially these flowers were meant for growing only outdoors but due to the efforts of crimean collectors, crimea weather and special solutions they can grow in boxes and be in blossom for a long period of time. Chrysanthemum is a suffrutescent plant which has branched stems with small separate leaves. Chrysanthemums belong to Asteraceae family. Their genus is over 350 species. The most common chrysanthemum flowers are typical Asian countries.


It’s amazingly unforgettable view: 125 sorts and hybrid forms of the exhibition chrysanthemums are of small-flowered garden group and 115 ones are of the large-flowered sort. The size of the flowers varies from 2-20 cm.



Latest news on Crimea from Nikita botanic garden exhibition specially highlights the group of border chrysanthemums which is presented in 27 undersized sorts from 15-45 cm in height. Exactly these flowers are the first to blossom and to open the most unforgettable and beautiful “Chrysanthemums ball” on Crimea peninsula.



Garden chrysanthemums are from 20-70 cm in height. But chrysanthemums, which native land is considered to be India, are warm weather and thermophilic, but Korean ones are freeze-resistant and can blossom till late Krim autumn.



As the latest “News on Crimea” reports: “Boat wrecks were found at the 16-mters depth on the 21-st of July, 2016. Military weapon “Flak 28 (40 mm)”, screws and boat fragments which are of history importance were picked up from the sunken boat”.


Divers have already begun picking up the boat from the bottom of Black sea waters.
It was hit on a mine in June of 1943 but before this time it had had its time to sink some Soviet ships.
According to archive and historic data of WWII in the Crimea a boat was exposed on the mine and sank down near the Black sea coast. There were 12 people on it as a crew who died.
Also there were steamship “Sevastopol” which had had almost 1000 people on its aboard and sanitary marine transport “Belostok” with 400 wounded and injured soldiers which were swimming along Black sea coast.
40-meters boat was tried to pick up from Black sea many times but they were failed. Now it’s new attempt to take it up from 16-meters depth.
If to be more exact, there is on the bottom its aft and anti-aircraft gun weighing 2,5 tons.
The first part of this very difficult operation is to find out the particular coordinates of the object in the Black sea and to fix there a buoy, on the second stage the divers will swim in and rope around the gun with a cable. One can see screws, conning tower and gun ammunition there. Boat gun is of 10 meters from the boat hull. The divers suppose that the boat gun was tried to be picked up from the Black sea bottom by the illegal antiquity lovers.
Sea expedition with representatives of the search movement in Russia and the Russian military- historical society began on July 21 at the Black Sea and will end on 29 July. Expedition members are working in the Black Sea near Kacha , Yevpatoria, Feodossiya and Kerch Strait .
In the nearest future they will start the process of IL -2 picking up from the Black sea coast region, which was hit by 8 November 1943 .
At that time, the aircraft was running by hero of the Soviet Union Yusup Akaev , the crew was rescued by a boat of the Navy .


Aviadarts show can be considered to be gambled games of Russia aircraft forces in Crimea. The appearance in the sky over the Crimea peninsula of the Russian aircrafts  is the event which without any hesitation changes all rules of the game in the world of aviation. The clouds over the sea are «bathing» by the Russian multipurpose fighter of the fifth generation T-50 PAK FA .This unforgettable show was on the 5-th of june, 2016 on the territory of Russian Crimea peninsula, on Feodossiya polygon.

This air saboteur can escape from radar. It has surpassed the US F- 35 .In speed and agility of these Russian machines there are no any equal ones. This T-50 of the next decade will determine the shape of the national , and the global fighter aircraft.  

On the helm of Russian aviation aircrafts are only the best pilots of the country. It is simple, complex and aerobatics, loss of land and sea targets. For the first time in Crimea region are great competitions of the aircrew «Aviadarts».


When the super-maneuverable MiG — 29 flew over the stands at the minimum height the clouds that early in the morning hung over the polygon, burst shower . A deafening roar and blinding lightning — Crimean real storm is not a hindrance to the thunderstorms multifunctional aviation bomber Su — 34. Nearly escaping from lightning, this sniper kills a mobile command post of the enemy. Accuracy of getting is up to a meter. Exactly in this way during the air operation in Syria, our Russian aircraft-space forces were making pinpoint strikes on particularly important targets of terrorists.


One of the most difficult tasks of Russian-Crimean «Aviadarts » was the defeat of sea targets . Under such weather conditions, the task was almost impossible. But not for the Russian Space Forces pilots. A group of multi-purpose planes and helicopters made air strikes on imaged targets. The largest in the world Mi- 26 helicopter dove and hovered just five meters from the ground. «Alligator» Ka- 52 demonstrated the wonders of balancing act: spinning in a spiral and left like a real artist.

               These air virtuosos «Swifts» pilots study to fly like that for decades . Each figure, which is given to the plane-pilot in the sky , is not just a spectacular stunt for the audience but the way to escape from the enemy . Flying «Swifts» and «Russian Knights » , this year celebrating its 25th anniversary , like a dream come true.


Winners of Crimean stage of «Aviadarts -2016» competition will defend the honor of aerospace of Russian forces at the international level in August in Ryazan, competing in accuracy, the art of navigation and piloting with the pilots of Kazakhstan, Belarus , Pakistan and China.


       British newspaper “The Mail on Sunday” praised the show «Aviamiks » , which was held at the site of Chauda in the Crimea in over-all russian show «Aviadartsa» .”Russian Air Force aircrafts made a spectacular demonstration of their skills with the participation of attack helicopters and fighter jets in the Crimean air competitions «, reports TASS.

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