About us

LLC “Crimea voyage” is a tourist company organizing all kinds of tours around Crimea.

The main goal of our company project is to show foreign tourists unique Crimea nature, to get them acquainted with its unbelievably interesting history and multi-national people’s culture.
Our company staff is a qualified, educated and professional team. They are best-educated English-French-German speaking guides that plan, organize and make tours especially and personally for you. Our company tries to make you receive maximum positive emotions and impressions from time spent in Crimea.
We enable foreign tourists to plan, book and to create the perfect trips around Crimea according to their wishes and ideas.
Our company offers trusted advice about a wide variety of travel choices and planning features from invitations for Russian visa; booking hotel apartments, car-renting, interesting trip- packages, excursions all over Crimea with experienced foreign-language speaking tour-guides.
Our company offers both group and individual tours and excursions.
Travelling around Crimea means being involved in its life, admiring views, knowing ancient and modern arguing history and multi-national culture of people living here.
Crimea is a peninsula every part of which is incomparable and has its peculiarities,
mysteries and beauties, lauded in numerous legends. These eye-catching places has attracted people’s attention since ancient times. Everything is exciting in this land so generously endowed by nature: picturesque seascapes, whimsical shapes of mountains peaks, spurs and rocky conglomerations, the greenery of unique local plants of almost 3 000 species. Crimea isn’t only a resort area. The peninsula is a crossroad of cultures and civilizations reflecting the history, both old and modern. There are south coast, east coast, west and south-west coasts.

South coast of Crimea is a gorgeous corner with its distinctive environment boasting an amazingly beautiful mix of the sea’s azure, the emerald green of valleys and bizarre cliffs. Its climate is quite unique. Similar conditions for recreation and resort treatment can only be found at the Mediterranean renowned resorts — in Nice, Monaco, Venice. Summer in Crimea, a time that everyone loves, is not too hot, being cooled down by sea breezes. Sunny autumn, warm sea… The “velvet” season… What could be better?
East Crimea is a unique area, the land of legends. It is Kerch peninsula and the Azov Sea area, Scythian mounds and amazing mud volcanoes. And, of course, it is health resorts of two seas — the Black and the Sea of Azov.
Every year more and more travelers have been drawn to exceptional in their beauty inlets and sea lagoons, to cave towns, ancient fortresses, monasteries of southwest Crimea.
Excellent sandy beaches and healing maritime air, therapeutic mud and mineral springs, blue lagoons and stunning in their beauty landscapes, universally-known health resorts and modern leisure centers, all these are west Crimea. The area is equally attractive for both regular family recreation lovers, and for free-wheeling campers (“savages”) or extreme sports enthusiasts.
Each of our tours is a well-planned and organized travel where you can see nature, Crimea mountains, famous history places and monuments, discover historical facts of ancient and modern culture, taste different traditional dishes and well-known all over the world local wine. Our company can provide tourists with any type of thematic tour: history tour, battlefield one, wine tour, nature tour, religious one, military tour and many others up to tourist’s choice and idea.
Everyone who visit Crimea at least once departs from it with a feeling of a slight sorrow that brings recollections of the childhood and gives a hope to visit this “midday land” once again.

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